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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  September 24, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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we were in washington, d.c. >> tonight more changes in philadelphia with regard to road closures, packing restriction and public transportation, what you need to know to get around the city. and if you liked yesterday's weather on the first day of fall, a little warmer. chances are, you will like today's too on the second day of fall. over the weekend, a lot of people are concerned about this, with possibly a million people in the city for the papal visit. we could be flirting. >> maybe. >> see how far we will take that in a moment. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. 60 degrees outside, let's begin with meteorologist brittany shipp. >> no pressure, though, right? >> just a million people. >> all right. we'll go over a close and detailed forecast. let's start off with what you can expect, a few clouds moving
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in, northwest at 6 miles per hour. our humidity is at 69%, satellite radar shot shows nice and dry condition. high pressure still in control giving us lots of sunshine, just a few clouds so that's going to make for another beautiful day with lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 70s at the poconos, pushing into the low '80s in allentown, 79 in doyles town, 81 in norristown. 71 in cape may. similar conditions at the atlantic city airport. for philadelphia, we will push into the '80s, 80 degrees, your current temperatures start off at 54. trenton, we're at 53 degrees and atlantic city temperatures if wildwood at 55, low 50s in dover, 52 degrees in wilmington, 48 right now in potts town, so it's a cool start to the morning mplg as we head into the rest of the afternoon, you won't need those jackets. you will definitely need them as you head out the door.
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the average is 75. today 80 degrees. we cool things down. they set us up for a papal visit. guys. >> it's 5:01 now. pope francis set to make history again today. he will become the first pope to address a joint session of congress t. vatican has not said what the pope will talk about. many expect him to challenge lawmakers on a variety of issues, including immigration. something he will touch on during his speech on saturday. his other stop includes a visit to catholic charities, there pope francis will greet and bleft about 200 homeless people who will get lunch there. then the pope is on to new york city. he will take off from d.c. once he lands at jfk, he will go to st. patrick's cathedral. matt deluca is in d.c., of course, including that
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congressional address. >> and people started gathering here at 3:00 to get a glimpse of the pope. he won't be here for several hours later. they are out here at the very early hours of the morning. look at the line, about 100 people showed up to get into the security lines of the capital, they will be filing in there to get through security. about 50,000 people will be here to see the pope. the pope will be arriving here at the capitol. he will be greeted by house speaker john boehner, they'll meet a few minutes. then they go into the house chamber, host a joint session of congress. he will be talking for about 30 to 40 minutes. then he'll make his way out to the west front of the capitol, where he will meet the masses gathered there to see him. a lot of people out there, trying to get a glimpse of pope francis, those who weren't out
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to see him in the parade in the pope mobile yesterday. so a lot of excitement still out here in washington for pope francis and his history making trip. >> again, he said he will address congress before heading to new york city. >> this was yesterday. the white house rolled out the red carpet for the pope. he addressed people on the south lawn of the white house. he spoke in english touching on poverty and climate change. this was his first major speech in english. his mass tomorrow and here on the parkway will be in spanish. and this was a scene of leaving the white house. pope francis paraded through the
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streets of washington, huge crowds gathered to get a glimpse of the holy father in his pope mobile. he stopped a number of times, kissing babies on the head, waving, getting thumbs up in the crowd. and a lot of us are taking pictures with the pope cardboard cutout all over the city. but this is for real. look at that. 16-year-old lithuanian student taking selfies with the pope. an nbc producer took this video outside the vatican embassy yesterday. you can check out the #pope's selfie on instagram. you can see a number of others. well, as we are preparing for the pope to make his way to philadelphia this weekend. we are keeping a close eye on how the crowds are handling the big crowds in the video. people were impressed by calm of the crowd at the canonization
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ceremony last night at the basili basilica. they were planning on the party organizers as every element of the liturgy appeared to be seamless. >> i knew i would be excited. it was like oh my dposh, there he is. the group was, there was just this energy and it was just kind of image cal. >> the way they handled holy communion, we were wondering how in the world are they going to give it out to 25,000 people. >> we will see how they get it out to a lot more than that when the papal parkway mass on sunday. he left this message, leave your faith, go forth. it was a much smaller scale than we expect on the parkway a. quarter of a million people are expected to pack the parkway on sunday. back here in philadelphia, if you live or work in center city, there are more changes that you need to know about
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>> hey, chris, we are now watching the evolution of the ben franklin parkway into a secure perimeter. now the signs telling you when to move your cars have been posted for almost a week now. look at our video. we will walk you through the restrictions that take effect today. if you purchased a yellow parking placard, your car must be moved by 10:00 tonight or it will be towed. as you know, towing began sunday evening. so you do have an option of moving your car to one of six parking garages and you could leave it there through monday morning. tonight, only people who live or work along the parkway and around logan circle will be allowed into the area. security checks will begin also at 10:00 tonight. septa will be closed in four city center stations, regional rail will continue at suburban station 15th street city hall and fifth street t. francis festival ground are beginning to
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take shape from city hall to the art museum. looking back out now, the stage has been erected. a cover is going to be put up. he told us his goal is to start the camera as well as the sound checks this evening. with all the restrictions, you may hear sweet pell dis in the process. >> thank you, monique. 8 minutes after 5:00 t. secret service needs a few more nodes, it's asking local police departments to lend their k-9 handlers. for the papal weekend. now, with two train stations shuttling visitors to center city, four elected officers are in high demand. they have to conduct random
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security checks on those trains. >> it's a huge deem. people can rest assured knowing with us, this is just what we do. it's a different time and place we are doing it. >> area police departments say that the pap am events have put a strain on resources, but they're glad to help out. you can check the nbc 10 app to get you ready, even if are you not going, maybe you want to see the road closures. you will find all of that there, including a list of things, if you are headed to the parkway, a list of things are you not allowed to bring with you. >> it's 5:09. in other news, new from overnight, a man is in critical condition after a violent confrontati confrontation. we got the 67th and ogone after investigators say a man was shot multiple times in the chest.
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it's 5:09. investigators say they received a call about a man with a self inflicted gunshot wound. when they got there, they found a man in a wheel care armed with a handgun. verdicts say quote departmental shooting ensued. they didn't provide any other details of what that is or what led the police to shoot the man. an investigation continues. >> good morning. temperatures starting off on the cool side. 60 degrees in philadelphia. if you are in texas 47. 52 in kenneth square. low 50s in wilmington. 48 degrees in potts town. you self need a jacket. 49, 53, the atlantic city
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airport. this is for two hours almost. 7. >> reporter: a.m., we'll be in the low 60s in philadelphia. so by 2:00 p.m., we're in the 70s. it's pretty warm for fall. 80 des today. another round of temperatures in the '80s. then our temperatures will drop to the 70s. 77 once again on friday and then we will continue to see breezy conditions and on shore flow set us up for mid-70s on saturday and sunday. satellite radar shot shows high pressure still in control as of now. it will give us plenty of sunshine, a few high thin clouds. 79 in doyles town. 78 in cape may. around the philadelphia area 80 degrees today.
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feeling like a summer still. although we have already officially begun fall. i'll go over all the details as we get closer to the weekend. i'll have your papal forecast coming up. all eyes on sunday with a potential for showers. we hope that keeps it out of there. 11 minutes after 5:00. one. we are guaranteed to see is big changes if traffic patterns with the papal visit. >> mayor nutter said make your plans, even if you are going about your normal weekend activities. there will be changes you need to know about. j es ka. >> probably the biggest question i have been asked the entire week. will i be able to get around? what is closed? everything closes, nothing closed? i will go over it with you right now. if you need a pen and paper, now is the time the groob one. 10:00 a.m. t. schuylkill from the blue route to 95 will be closed. the schuylkill westbound from 95 to route 1 will be closed. route 1 from route 30 to
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belmonte avenue. also the ben franklin bridge will be closed. the good. 95 will remain opened. there will be select ramps closed as the papal service begins and everything is around the area. we might need some of those ramps closed. also, the traffic box in center city will begin at 6:00 p.m. on friday and west philly at 10:00 p.m. on friday. where the traffic box is, if you have a car, you are in the area, can you say pence that box and use your vehicle. once you leave, you can't come back, for more details go to commotion at a council meeting if delaware county brought out the police. >> no matter what happens -- >> we'll tell you why this council person was staying on the floor in protest.
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5:16. we are just getting breaking news from overseas. a stam immediate in saudi arabia has left 220 people dead and more than 400 injured. it happened during the annual hajj pilgrimage, one of the most celebrated events, 2 million people are taking part in saudi arabia. again, 220 dead. 400 injured. we continue to bring you more information as we get it.
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>> 5:16 now. the event that is bringing the pope to philadelphia the world meeting of families continues today. >> morning mass will begin in just a few hours at 8:30. at 10:30 t. first key note speaker will discuss human sexuality. at at 3:00 they will have sessions breaking out. tomorrow cardinal sean o'malley and rick warren are the key note speakers. yesterday we caught up with catholic high schoolers across the area. they were packing up food from the yesterdayy in west africa. they're out of school and told us they chose to be here. >> we want to help people. not everyone is as fortunate as we are here, so give giving up some of my time is not as bad as necessities for other people. >> a global family is what one pan from ghana told us.
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people from more than 100 different nations are in philadelphia this week. >> pope francis isn't the only big name visiting the u.s., the week the president of china is expected to arrive in d.c. today, also spent several days in seattle for a private dinner with the president. several items on the agenda, cyber attacks and climate change. >> we are covering more country sill chaos after weeks of trying, the small girl finally had enough councilmembers to hold a meeting. look at this scene that unfolded as police were called in. >> no matter what happens -- >> police had to be called to remove unruly members from the meeting. the councilmembers on the floor was sitting there in protest. she wasn't happy with the councilmember known as the town screamer. she returned to the boro for the meeting a it is nbc 10 investigators first told you
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last month. she resigned. bus republican members bioticed the meeting. they never officially send her res ig nation. last nit they chose her replacement. bioticing members are now questioning whether that meeting was legal. are you following all this? the council president says they followed the rules. >> before i do anything i always talk to a lawyer. a talk to a lawyer and had a >> the council also voted to i expect a good cooked meal.
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weekend. and the ben franklin parkway in this area still closed between art museum and logan circle. what is happening there is a lot of that traffic detoured throughout the area is fanning off onto the majors, mlk drive backed up. a lot of areas around center city, unusually high traffic volume as well t. vine street expressway typically seeing most of that backup. you can see all the cars are green and moving if you are headed to the schuylkill or the 30th street station. everything right here in yellow is everything that's currently in force. so no parking allowed. pretty much from the old city area stretching all through center city and part of it
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moving into university city as well. yesterday we had additional no park, streets added. you want to follow the posted signs in the area. go to for a full lifrs of all of these streets and all of that information. now your nbc 10 first alert weather and meteorologist brittany shipp. >> good morning. expect temperatures today to purpose into the '80s once again. so warm conditions expected for us as we head into the second day of fall. our average the time of year is closer to the mid-70s. so we're definitely above average. i am tracking cooler weather as the pope comes to town this weekend. then a chance of showers over the weekend as well. so i'll have detailed pap pal forecast for you coming up. right now, look outside where we are seeing mostly clear skies a. few clouds have pushed into philadelphia. 60 degrees. winds at the north-northwest at 6 pliels per hour. across the region.
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we're at 68 degrees. 48 degrees in allentown a. cold start to the morning. 53 if atlantic city and 60 in philadelphia. so quite a spread with our temperatures. either way, you need a jacket. kids need a jacket if you are headed out. 48 degrees in allentown, 50 in reading and in potts town, we're at 48 degrees, low 50s if wilmington, 53 degrees in atlantic city. our 24 hour temperature change map shows it's a cooler start for parts of delaware and the shore and south jersey, down 11 degrees in millvale. down 11 degrees in atlantic city. our straight radar shows lots of sunshine in store for us today. in fact. here's a closer look at futurecast. it show, we will see a lot of sunshine, closer to 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, into our overnight hours on friday. we will start to see these
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clouds increasing a bit. but our temperatures will drop a few degrees by the time we head into tomorrow t. big. we're looking at is the area of low pressure. lit shift to the north a bit. >> that will bring us breezy conditions on sunday. you will notice the model shows the showers to the south of our area. so your papally planner shows that temperatures by 4:00 p.m. in the mid-70s on saturday. 73 degrees, mostly cloudy skies on sunday. with a chance of showers staying mainly to the south. tracy. >> i'll take this one, thank you, brittany. this morning, we are earn willing more about volkswagon's emission scandal. there is a few report that claims vw contacted commerce back in the spring. we will tell you what the combhers letters said next in a live report.
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it's 5:25. volkswagon cea has resigned now. we are learning about what went on before it surfaced. we have the details with landon dowdy. good morning. >> good morning, the fallout from the volkswagon scandal gets deeper. they sent letters to owners telling them to take their vehicles to the dealer for new software to ensure their tail pipe emissions were optimized. they didn't say it was taken to
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satisfy u.s. regulators. vw deliberately emitted how much the cars polluted. on wednesday the ceo resigned. we have futures higher ahead of the opening bell. modest losses on wednesday as a rally in oil prices fizzled out. up on 51 points to 16,280. >> landon dowdy of cnbc thanks. good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist brittany shipp. temperatures above average for us it's barely proceeding as we head to the next couple of days, you can see no track problems in
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the area. the pope is coming. we have the closures. we have the detours for you. we still will get you to work today coming up. we'll be right back. before you book... with zocdoc.
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